South Central Premier

Competitive - U17 & U18

While we focus a great deal on team tactics and functional training, the players still need a great deal of technical work. Emphasis on competing & game management is further increased; development is still the highest priority.

Technical emphasis

1) Loads of 1 touch passing (Directional, to goal).

2) Crossing and Finishing.

3) Striking Long Balls.

4) Receiving at Speed and Under Pressure.

Tactical emphasis

1) Directional games to goal (8 to 11 players) with team tactical implications.

2) Team tactical games and exercises.


  1. Building from the back-variations.
  2. Midfield play-possess & get into final 3rd.
  3. Final 3rd attacking.
  4. Counter-attacking.
  5. Functional play. (Both technical & tactical)
  6. Restarts.


  1. Zonal defending-using offside line.
  2. Zonal low pressure.
  3. Defending against counters. (Recovery runs)
  4. Functional play.
  5. Restarts.
  6. High pressure, low pressure