South Central Premier

Transitional - U15 & U16

Reinforce technical and tactical points from developmental and pre-competitive stages. Continue reinforcing individual and 2nd player tactics, still work on loads of technique. Place greater emphasis on competitiveness & game management, but the development of players is the top priority.

Technical emphasis

1) 1st Touch (Receiving and turning) while moving at speed and under pressure.

2) Finishing games (small sided w/ free players & end targets).

3) Shooting at speed and finishing crosses (volleys and heading to goal).

4) Quick passing (Playing 1 & 2 touches).

5) The "Final Ball" behind the defense.

Tactical emphasis

1) Speed of play and possession soccer:

  1. Increase the level of difficulty.

(Limit space & touches)

  1. Shape of the team.
  2. Games more directional.

2) Building from the back safely using directional exercises to goal (6 to 8 players) in which there is a team shape and players have roles (Target player, midfield, wing back, flank players).

Formation options: 3-2-2, 3-1-3(7).

3) Group defense (Pressure, cover, and balance).

4) Principles of zonal play.

5) 2 and 3 man combination play.

6) Attacking play-crossing & runs in the box

7) Transitional play