South Central Premier

Moussa Cisse

Moussa Cisse

Coaching Experience


SCP Head Coach 2008/2009 Girls


North Branford Soccer club ( NBSC):

Coached the U10 travel rec team.

Organized practices, development the kids with the proper soccer knowledge and enhance their soccer techniques

Coach - Super Soccer Star:

Coached children ages 2-8 basic of soccer

Constructed age-appropriate developmental activities

Soccer Counselor - World Sports Camp

Constructed age-appropriate soccer activities for children's at the age of 7-15.

Playing Experience

Post University

Conference Champions

South Central Premier 2007-2011

As a coach, I always tell my players to be versatile players which helps them be more aware of various positions on the field and most importantly helps you to be really comfortable on the field because you are able to help the team anywhere on the field.

Focus on their techniques which can help them be super versatile on the field. Being able to play at these competitive levels knowing these skills has helped me develop as a player everywhere I've played and it all started where your boys/girls have an opportunity to start, South Central Premier.