South Central Premier

Competitive - U17 & U18

Need to have a highly competitive mentality at this level. Self-confidence and a high level of concentration are vital at this stage. Players must be able to deal with adversity, setbacks, and failure. Must be self-motivated and hungry to improve (Must avoid complacency!)

At these ages, it can become difficult to maintain a high level of commitment. Players will respond best to training sessions that are innovative, stimulating, and fun. Try to find a balance between exercises they are familiar (comfortable) with and newer (challenging) ones. Allow time for them to work on their own at your sessions.

The increased level of distractions and temptations in their daily lives places greater importance than ever on the high level of commitment necessary to continue developing. Help them to understand the importance of avoiding the trappings of their increased social development and interactions. (Social habits, choosing the right friends, avoiding illegal or dangerous situations, and strong academics)

We want them to leave the program with a high level of respect and passion for the game. Respect and passion that will see them playing, refereeing or coaching for the rest of their lives.