South Central Premier

Late Developmental - U11 & U12

Teams at this age should be playing 9 vs. 9. Developmental Stage. Winning is still not an important consideration; it is about acquiring skill, learning to play and fun.

Passing and receiving: Major areas

  1. Safety in passing. Eye contact with the receiver
  2. Vision of field (receiver)
  3. Movement by receiver
  4. 1st touch, receiving and turning with the ball

Technical emphasis

1) Receiving, 1st Touch & Turning

2) Passing w/ Inside, Outside, and Chipping

3) Shooting Accurately while Moving at Speed.

Tactical emphasis

1) When to Dribble & When to Pass.

2) Mobility-Types of Runs and Timing of Runs.

3) 2 vs. 2 (2nd defender & attacker-support & cover).

4) Team Shape: Opening Up & Roles within the Formation.

  1. 9 vs. 9 (Group Shapes 3-2-3-1 or 3-3-3)

5) 2nd Attacker and Defender.

6) Combination Play (1-2's, Run-Arounds, Take-Overs, etc.).

7) Passing from the Back-building up.